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Collagen is said to be one of the cures for aging. In fact, it has been proven to work in improving skin firmness and elasticity, as well as in plumping its appearance. No doubt, collagen has gone a long way from only being used for medical purposes in the past. Today, it is one of the most popular among people who want to look younger, longer.

Anti-Aging: How Does Collagen Work?

It works by reducing the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. But while this protein is naturally occurring in the body to give anti-aging benefits, its level declines as people age, which is why there are collagen supplements, creams, powders and injections on the market.

These products are said to help in giving its users that youthful appearance that they’re looking for.

When injected directly, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles because it can serve as filler to the depressed, affected facial skin areas, leading to less visible wrinkles, which are plumped up in the process.

However, the effects of collagen injections may only last for up to six months, requiring patients to go back to the doctor’s clinic for maintenance of refilling the wrinkles. Depending on the scope of these signs of aging, a procedure may take minutes or hours.

These injections may also help in improving the contours of the face. In this case, it can be used in removing various lines and wrinkles from the face, as well as it can aid in reducing scars and stretch marks.

Many of these injections are derived from animal sources, like cows, and sometimes from human sources, like placentas, cadavers. The downside is that this cosmetic application of collagen in anti-aging isn’t advised for people with allergies and sensitivities to medications and anesthesia, as well as for those with underlying medical condition.

A skin test is usually required prior to the procedure. On the other hand are the supplements that help people in restoring the suppleness, smoothness and youthful appearance of their skin without going under the knife. These supplements help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles as well as of the saggy areas and skin creases around the neck and mouth.

These products, including powders and creams, can also be used in skin revitalization. Thus, anyone looking to bring back that fresh and radiant glow with youthful looking skin may consider supplementing his or her diet with collagen.

Another anti-aging help of collagen goes to its moisturizing effects, keeping it soft, smooth and hydrated all day. Finally, collagen supplements can also increase collagen and elastin production in the body, leading to a youthful appearance, longer.

Now, you don’t need the fountain of youth or an anti-aging miracle to slow down the effects of aging on your skin (and body). By choosing the right collagen product, you can start getting these anti-aging effects.