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They say that one of the best assets a woman could have is a pair of large, firm boobs. However, not all women are endowed with it, which is why many of them go under the knife for silicon-based breast implants, for example. There are some others that settle for breast creams and laser treatments for bust augmentation or lift. Today, you may not have to resort to any of these with collagen supplementation.


You might be asking, “Can collagen enlarge bust size?” Let’s find out below.

Latest Development in Collagen for the Breasts

In the past, collagen was only used for medical purposes, but now also for aesthetic purposes.

Today more than ever, thousands and thousands of women from around the world have been looking to improve their breast appearance and size. Experts have studied and proven that it could be used in enhancing the appearance of the breasts. Many women have been choosing collagen for breast enhancement because it is minimally invasive as compared with traditional implant procedures.

Briefly, the collagen used in breast enlargement is taken from animals, like cows; there are also some cases when what is used is human-derived collagen, including from human placentas and human cadavers.

Collagen injections for breast enhancement are an attractive option for many women. A procedure involving it is more cost-effective than other methods, as well as they do not require any major surgery and recovery.

In this case, collagen for breast enhancement poses a lower risk and quicker recovery than conventional procedures. However, you should study your options well before considering any changes in your body. It will be wise to consider your general health, desired results, risk and complications, among other things, and discuss them with your doctor for your safety.

How to prepare for bust enhancement with collagen injection

The doctor will explain the procedure and will give you a chance to ask question. You also have to understand the cost of the injection because it isn’t usually included in insurance. Your doctor may also ask you to sign a consent form, indicating that you give him the permission to perform the procedure. Also, you need to ask questions about anything unclear for you.

Tell your doctor if you are allergic to anesthesia as well as if you are sensitive with certain medications. You should also tell him if you have a history of heart problems and cold sores. If you are smoking, you may also discuss this with your doctor. Also, ask him about what can injections do and what they cannot.

There you have what to know about increasing bust size with collagen injections. You may also ask your doctor about options including collagen supplementation, instead of injections, if possible.