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As you may already know, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body that offers you with plenty of benefits, including anti aging and boost in overall health. One of the main areas explored when it comes to the benefits of collagen for the human body is its benefits for the hair.

Quick Facts about Collagen
– Holds the body together
– Found in the joints, bones and ligaments, among other body parts.
– A tough and strong structure that accounts between 25 and 30% of proteins naturally occurring in the body
– Can also be found in the smooth muscles like on the organs, digestive tract and blood vessels
– One of the main components of the nails, skin and Hair


On the other hand, this vital protein in the body declines as people age, resulting to multiple hair problems, including split ends, hair breakage and hair loss.

But if you are going to supplement with the right collagen product, you can look forward to an overall improvement in hair health. Let’s talk about this further in the following section.

Benefits of Collagen for Hair Care

Hair fall/loss

This is one of the most common problems among people who are suffering from the declining levels of collagen in their bodies. But if they would start with a good supplement, they can increase their body’s hair building or making process, leading to stronger and longer hair. For the best results, ask your doctor about proper dosing to restore hair fast with collagen.

Breakage and split ends

It has been show in recent studies that this important protein may also be an effective treatment when it comes to brittle and dry hair. So if you’re someone who is sick and tired of your dry and weak hair that leads to split ends and breakage, you may want to start using collagen that can helps in hair repair and in preventing split ends. Overall, it can support adequate moisture levels in your hair and scalp.

Grey hair

Even if you’re only in your mid-20s, you may be noticing grey hair that starts to appear. To get rid of this problem, you may want to supplement with collagen that can support healthy hair follicle structure. The hair follicle is where the coloring pigment of the hair is produced. If you apply a collagen gel or cream on your hair, you may reap the benefit of reducing the appearance of dry and grey hair.

So if you don’t want to become a part of statistics of the people suffering from hair loss, for instance, you may consider supplementing your diet with collagen, which is now available in many forms, including creams, pills, gels and powders.

Ask your doctor about the right product and dosing to achieve desired hair care results.