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Frequent application of nail polish and poor diet are some causes of brittle nails. Damaged nails are unsightly and they can definitely ruin your day. Today, you can benefit of collagen that can improve your overall nail health.

How does collagen work?

First, it is a fibrous protein present in animals and humans and is said to be the most abundant of them all. It works by providing a supportive structure for the cells and tissues on the muscles, bones and ligaments, preventing them from falling apart.

Collagen works with elastin, another compound responsible for the actions of collagen. When together, they work in harmony in keeping a balance and proper structure of these body parts, skin included.

Along these lines, collagen is a very important compound in keeping the skin flexible, tight, youthful and firm. However, the level of collagen in the body declines as people age, resulting to multiple issues, including sagging skin in the face and neck and wrinkle and fine line appearance.

For older people, they also suffer from folds around their mouth and crow’s feet around their eyes, as a result of lack of collagen. It is not only that these problems are common with the depletion of collagen in the body, but also brittle nails, which cause breakage. Thanks to technology because there are now collagen supplements that can supply the body with its needed amount of collagen to keep nails strong!

Collagen for the Nails

This special type of protein holds the body together by forming a network of protein chain all over the body, providing strength for the bones, smoothness of the skin and strength of the teeth, among other known benefits. Speaking of these, collagen can also improve overall nail health.

While the body can produce its collagen and make them abundant in the organs, including on the muscles, bones, skin and NAILS, its production slows down with age due to several factors, including aging, sun damage, pollution, poor diet and so many more.

Now, anyone can restore the healthy levels of collagen in their bodies with supplements. Users have agreed that such offer them plenty of benefits, like for the nails. They reveal that collagen supplement has helped them grow stronger nails. If you don’t know yet, collagen is one of the main components of the nails. Therefore, you may want to boost your collagen intake, if you’re starting to notice the notice your nails are splitting or breaking.

Remember that your nails are made of minerals, collagen and keratin. Thus, you need to make it certain that you are supplying your body with these nutrients in building strong nails. So aside from biotin, which is needed for healthy nails and hair, collagen is also needed to grow stronger nails and hair.

To get the best results from collagen supplementation, see to it that you are buying only from reputable suppliers. And prior to diet supplementation, consult your doctor for safety.