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Probiotics are good bacteria that live in our gut. The presence of probiotics optimizes gut function and helps the body maintain a balance in its functions. Probiotics are present in certain fermented foods. Antibiotics kill probiotics. Supplements and foods make up for their deficiency.

Prebiotics are fibrous components of carbohydrates present in our foods. They remain undigested but act as a food source for probiotics that are present in the gut. Hence they support the functioning and longevity of probiotics.

Pre and Probiotics Are Good For Human Health

The good bacteria improves human digestive health. The digestive system needs a constant supply of probiotics for its optimum functioning. Bacteria secrete enzymes that help in food digestion. They also protect the colon by synthesizing Vitamin K that forms a protective sheath in the colon. Probiotics also perform anti-depressant function because of the close coordination between the brain and the gut.

Prebiotics are the food components that remain undigested. The nutrition from prebiotics is utilized by bacteria. Prebiotics act as a fertilizer for bacteria. Often antibiotics kill probiotics along with killing the harmful bacteria. Prebiotics help bacteria to grow again and overcome the bad bacteria.

Pre and Probiotic Supplements For Humans

There are two major sources pre and probiotics come from. One of which is the natural source. Many fermented foods are plenty in probiotics while legumes are other carbohydrates that contain prebiotics. But there is yet another source and that includes supplements. The supplements have a higher concentration of these pre and probiotics but might be less effective. Probiotics from supplements might need special prebiotics other than indigestible carbohydrates. And unless such components are provided, the probiotic supplements might remain ineffective.

Pre and Probiotics For Cats and Dogs

Pre and Probiotics have been around us but their use is not restricted to humans only. Your pets might need good bacteria and prebiotics. Though cats and dogs have plenty of enzymes produced by the pancreas and they do not require any supplementation. However, sometimes pre and probiotics supplements are prescribed by the vet for the pets. The bacteria produce different types of enzymes in the pets. The different enzymes target different components in the foods. Specialized enzymes work to breakdown proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. These substances do their work to optimize the health of the gut.

Pre and Probiotic Foods

The probiotics are present in yogurt, kefir, fermented foods, kombucha, traditional buttermilk, and traditional cheeses. Prebiotics are present in foods that are higher in fiber, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Pre and Probiotics As A Dynamic Duo

Pre and probiotics act as a dynamic duo. Probiotics are good bacteria and prebiotics are the food for good bacteria. Together they support and functionalize one another. The good bacteria are present abundantly in the gut. They contribute massively to gut health. And prebiotics nourishes bacteria by acting as their natural fertilizer. Pre and probiotics act as a duo and functionalize life.


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